Saturday, 26 October 2013

Seeing Acorns Grow

The following piece was written by Paul Judkins, a 'Friend' of Eureka Wellbeing Photography, who has been kind enough to share his expertise and experience with us on many occasions. He specifically asked me to post this on his behalf, here on the Eureka blog...

~ Colin Howey

"The choice of the title for this piece is a tribute to the work of Colin Howey and Emma Blake who founded Eureka Wellbeing Photography over two years ago - as well as to the legacy of John Harrison and Tom Simpson, who have contributed massively since then as 'facilitators' of the group. They have nurtured the group: not by 'leading' or 'directing', but by inspiring confidence, wellbeing and a sense of belonging. 

By visiting Norwich Assembly House yesterday - the biggest ever single gathering of Eureka members - the evidence of the group's commitment to enjoying and prospering through photography was clearly evident to me. Members were soon laying on the floor, pointing lenses up to the ceiling and behind walls - anything unusual to get the unique flavour and style that is the hallmark of Eureka photography. The results were simply great!

Smiles on faces as they shared their work, pleased with what they had made. And that is what they do - they create images together. They never just 'capture' or 'take' a shot. To be amongst the photographers was a pleasure. It is immensely satisfying to see them flourish. 

'Finding wonder as we wander' is a maxim we should all consider."

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