Saturday, 31 May 2014

Featuring Flint Birds

Here are some really interesting and accomplished photographs by Eureka member, Julia...

A Watery Corner
Treemendous Structure
Fat Flint Bird
Fern Starfish
Slim Flint bird

© Julia McNulty 2014

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Geese Gang

Thanks to David Harvey for agreeing to share this fantastic photo with us.

© David Harvey 2014

Monday, 26 May 2014

Now Yew See It...

© Jill O'Shea 2014

Here is the dead heart of a huge Yew hedge at Blickling Hall, north Norfolk. Love this shot by Jill!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Geese & Swans

Eureka member, Nick, just sent me these images taken at Whitlingham. They are taken on his iPhone and there is something almost dreamlike about these snapshots of moments as the birds approach. It just shows, it isn't about fancy cameras; it is always about the imagination and personality of the person holding the camera. 

Find wonder as you wander folks!

© Nick Bowen 2014

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Postcard From Andrew

Eureka member, Andrew, is currently on holiday in Scotland. He just sent me the following text:

''Hi Colin, I'm having a picnic by Loch Morar. This is the deepest loch in Scotland. It's close to the silver sands near Mallaig. Best wishes from andrew'

I'm going to share some of his virtual postcards with you here so that his words can paint pictures in your imagination. And when Andrew returns to the Eureka group we'll be able to see his photographs in all their hilly glory.  

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Turn the Page

These photos were taken at the Turn the Page exhibition at the Norwich Forum. We liked this exhibit by Jen Fox and the lines and shadows it created 
~ Julia & Jill

© Jill O'Shea 2014
© Jill O'Shea 2014

© Julia McNulty 2014 
© Julia McNulty 2014
© Julia McNulty 2014

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Eureka Members ' Testimony - The Difference Eureka Makes

Eureka Wellbeing Photography is a small Norwich-based independent group that was started over three years ago by two friends, Colin Howey and Emma Blake. We are entirely reliant on donations to pay for things like exhibitions and trips beyond the city. With the support of artists and photographers such as John Harrison, Tom Simpson and Paul Judkins, we have now got a loyal core of members who are really supportive of each other. 

The Concept...
The idea behind the Eureka Wellbeing Photography group is to bring people from diverse backgrounds together around a common interest in photography. We are developing together as artists, we are also supporting each other and working to improve our wellbeing and emotional resilience (bounce back ability). Although our members are brought together around a common interest in photography, we find that through our gatherings we:

  • Connect with others
  • Keep learning together
  • Take notice of the world around us
  • Be active: getting a bit of exercise through walking
  • Give: share ideas, perspectives - and, often, laughter too!

In other words, the Eureka experience is as much about improving our wellbeing as it is about taking photographs.
 Our catch-phrase is, 'find wonder as you wander.'

Members' Testimony...
Here, some of our members talk about what being a member of the group means to them...

“I have gained confidence in meeting people by meeting people, by joining the photography group, as everyone has been so friendly.  I find by looking at the work of other people from the group, that I am gaining a more artistic eye for taking photos.”

 “The group dynamic is unique in my experience.  It's big enough to be a team, but everyone does their own thing.”

 “You learn something every time, just by seeing the world through somebody else's eyes.”

 “It's nice to take time doing something with no pressure... a chance to
meet new people from different backgrounds.”

“I enjoy both the photography and walking, and Eureka provides these alongside like-minded people in an easy-going atmosphere.  This is great in a world of pressures and stress.  I hope my photos will inspire positive emotions.”

“Attending Eureka is something I literally look forward to. I have been trying to use the Five Ways to Wellbeing, and this is one day I feel I succeed. I meet up with some very interesting people, I'm learning new things while we go on outings, encouraging us to look around us - something we forget to do in our normal rush, rush lives. Thank god for Eureka!”

“Eureka's great if during the week I've forgotten to look at things as they deserve, or have a proper laugh, or to get some exercise.”

“I have been attending Eureka for about 8 months now. Right from the start I felt at ease with the members of the group. I have found them to be kind, understanding and considerate. As a person with mental health difficulties I had become very isolated and insular."

"Attending Eureka has broadened my outlook and helped me to focus on alternative realities. Being able to interact with like-minded people has been both liberating and confidence building.”

"I had just moved to Norwich and Eureka gave me a chance to meet people and make new friends (which I have!). I now notice the nature around me, whether it is a single leaf or a wonderful sky. I'm very proud to be a Eureka member!"

“Eureka is about slowing down, noticing a world of wonder and forgetting
my workaday worries. It's about comfortable connections and generous
gestures. It's about sharing and enjoying insights as we look again.”
"When I started attending the Eureka! photography group I hoped that I may learn to take a "better" picture.  What has happened, and what I really enjoy, is that when out with Eureka! I find different pictures to take. I feel that there has developed within the group a shared commitment to not only find interesting images, but to also have a fun time. It is this social, creative, and playful aspect of the group that I have come to value. Rather than try to take a "nice" picture I now attempt to find an image that in someway captures the mood of that morning; which is something very different from being out in Norwich as part of the group."

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Dog & Birds

I took these photographs during a recent visit to the lovely East Ruston Vicarage Gardens, a unique labour of love created by owners, Graham and Alan. With it's diverse habitats, landscapes, sculpture and wildlife, this garden is a photographer's dream. I hope that one day Eureka Wellbeing Photography can do a group visit and explore here. 

~ Colin ~

© Colin Howey 2014

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Friday, 2 May 2014

Lout Shout!

© Colin Howey 2014

Family Life Amongst the Ruins

Here are some photographs I took recently of some spring lambs and their mothers roaming among the ruins of the monastic claustral range at Wymondham Abbey, Norfolk.

© Colin Howey 2014