Friday, 19 September 2014

Eddy Bacon - Contact Juggler

This morning (Friday 19th September) Eureka members went a-wandering through Norwich city centre. An historic city such as Norwich has a very long history of street entertainment. Thus, it was very much in this tradition that the young man pictured above held crowds mesmerised as he demonstrated the elegant art of Contact Juggling. His name is Eddy Bacon, and during a short break between his performance he told me that he has been perfecting this form of juggling for around five years. Well, it was quite a sight and he made a fascinating photographic subject, as the ball - reflecting a tiny crystal-clear inverted image of Gentleman's Walk - seemed almost to stay still as it rolled along his arms and balanced on his head. Indeed, Eddy moved with such grace that I wondered if he was a dancer (he isn't by the way). 

If you happen to stumble upon this blog Eddy, we would really like to thank you for agreeing to let us photograph you. For anyone else who gets the opportunity to see Eddy perform, please stop and marvel awhile - and then pop a coin in his hat!

~ Colin Howey ~

© Colin Howey 2014

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