Thursday, 27 February 2014

Great Scott, What is That!

Sometimes, just as you are about to take a photograph, someone blunders into your line of sight and you end up with a photo you hadn't intended. So it was that, having lined up my camera to capture a shot of the lighthouse at Southwold, Suffolk, young Scott crossed my line of sight. It made both of us laugh and, as a result, we decided to stage this shot. Personally, I can't look at this picture without smiling. It's not the shot I originally intended, but I actually prefer it to a scene of a serene white lighthouse. Playfulness is part of what makes Eureka work so well. 

© Colin Howey 2014

Saturday, 22 February 2014

See & Sky

Some lovely photographs here from Eureka member, Nick Bowen. 

© Nick Bowen 2014

Norwich Street Scenes - Steve & Trixie

Please click on images in order to enlarge 

Thanks to Steve for giving me permission to share these photos here. I really enjoyed our conversation and making a bit of a fuss of Trixie the dog. I was touched by the warm bond between man and dog on what was a cold city centre street.

~ Colin ~

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Rainbow Over Norwich

© Stella Koenick 2014
This lovely moment when this rainbow curved above the historic city of Norwich was captured by Stella Koenick, who has agreed to share her photograph with us here. A big Eureka THANKS to Stella for this!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Connect Eureka

Snap Happy! Eureka member, David, caught on camera in
the Forum, Norwich

Connect Eureka - the idea...
The Eureka Wellbeing Photography are offering visitors to the wonderful city of Norwich a unique opportunity to join a small group of local people on a photography walk within the city centre area. 

Taking Notice! Eureka members have their own unique angle
on what is wonderful

Who We Are...
Eureka Wellbeing Photography is a small community-based group that has been running since 2011. We explore Norwich, cameras in hand, and look for interesting things/angles that other people might miss. That is why our slogan is, 'find wonder as you wander'. 

Although our members are brought together around a common interest in photography, we find that through our gatherings we:

  • Connect with others
  • Keep learning together
  • Take notice of the world around us
  • Be active: getting a bit of exercise through walking
  • Give: share ideas, perspectives - and, often, laughter too!

In other words, the Eureka experience is as much about improving our wellbeing as it is about taking photographs. 

To get a feel of our work and what we're about, please feel free to explore our blog:
Eureka Wellbeing Photography

Also, if you have any questions about this offer, you can contact us via the email provided below. 

Eureka Exhibition: Eureka member, Colin, pictured next to
on of our exhibitions during the summer of 2013

Experiencing Norwich...
We are very proud of our beautiful city and look forward to giving an insight into some of its wonders to visitors. Joining one of our walks will give you a unique opportunity to ask questions about Norwich to folk who live here. Eureka walks are always relaxed and informal, and we pride ourselves on being welcoming and friendly. 

Discovering Norwich's History...
Although we are not a history group, many of our members have a keen interest in the Norwich's history and heritage. Indeed, one of our members is a qualified guide with the National Association for Interpretation and the founder of the Norwich Community History Club. We should therefore be able to offer you an insight into the city's fascinating history as we go. 

Norwich Cathedral Spire

Why we are offering this?
As we mentioned above, an important motivation for Eureka members is giving. We aim to positively contribute to our community and hope that showcasing our city to visitors will do that. We are also genuinely keen to meet new people and welcome them to Norwich. In our experience, bringing people from different backgrounds together in a relaxed setting is really enriching for all concerned. 

How much does it cost?
We do not charge for this, although, having experienced a Eureka walk, if people want to make a donation towards the running of the group we will be happy to accept. Having said that, there is absolutely no expectation on our part that you will do so. 

Dazzle in the Drizzle: Eureka co-founder, Emma, smiling in
the rain (this is Britain - our rain is fantastic!)

How to book a place?
We are reserving two places for visitors to join us on every other week  (details to be posted here soon). To express an interest, please email Colin on 

Where and When Do We Meet? 
We meet at 10:00 in Cafe Bar Marzano located on the ground floor of the Forum in the city centre on alternate Fridays. We always begin with a very relaxed drink and a chat (trans. = conversation). At about 10:30 we head off to wherever we are going that day and usually finish by c12:00

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Eureka Explore Norwich Forum

Eureka members gathered at The Forum in the heart of Norwich last Friday. We met in the warmly welcoming CafĂ© Bar Marzano and had a chat and a catch-up over a cuppa. I then talked about how Emma Blake and I initially started the Eureka group three years ago in order to put the Five Ways to Wellbeing into action. Photography walking activates the Five Ways - Connect, Be active, Take notice, Keep learning, Give - seamlessly. We then had a bit of an audit among group members to see how we are using the Five Ways in our daily lives. 

It was heartening to find that everyone is getting into good habits for their heads. As I often remind folk, it's not just there for when you're struggling; banking some 'credit' in the 'bank account of the mind' is not only great insurance if you experience hard knocks, it helps us to live life more fully and to flourish. Also, this approach isn't just useful to help heal those who have experienced a mental health crisis, it is also there as a form of mind maintenance for those who are, currently, in a good place. 

Having had that discussion, we then went exploring the wonderful space of the Forum building. As we did so, Nick sat in the cafe and helped individual members load their recent images into their folders...

So while good old Nick contributed his 'give' to the group members, the rest of us wandered, camera in hand. Initially, many of us struggled a bit to engage creatively with this awesome modern setting. However, after a while Eurekarites were snapping away and many interesting shots ensued. We will be posting more at a later date, but, for now, here are some of my photographs from the day (please click on image in order to enlarge them)...

© Colin Howey 2014

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A Short Walk, But Much Discovered

Last Friday Eureka members walked the short distance from the Norwich Forum to St Giles Church, where we were warmly welcomed and enjoyed a hot drink and conversation with volunteers within the church. Here are some of the members photographs from the day...

Jill's Photos...

© Jill O'Shea 2014

David's Photos...

© David Velenoweth 2014

Julia's Photos...

© Julia McNulty 2014

Andrew's Photos...

© Andrew Kiddle 2014

Colin's Photos...

© Colin Howey 2014