Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A Short Walk, But Much Discovered

Last Friday Eureka members walked the short distance from the Norwich Forum to St Giles Church, where we were warmly welcomed and enjoyed a hot drink and conversation with volunteers within the church. Here are some of the members photographs from the day...

Jill's Photos...

© Jill O'Shea 2014

David's Photos...

© David Velenoweth 2014

Julia's Photos...

© Julia McNulty 2014

Andrew's Photos...

© Andrew Kiddle 2014

Colin's Photos...

© Colin Howey 2014


  1. Jill, how come I always seem to appear reflected in your photographs?

  2. Replies
    1. Eurekarites were on form that day. Shame you couldn't be with us, but you'll be back in the fold soon enough ;-) In the meantime... (yes, I'm gonna say it... again!) ... find wonder as you wander!

    2. we will certianly try mate :)