Saturday, 7 December 2013

Urban Twilight Walk

As the light was falling I decided to explore the riverside around Carrow Road, in Norwich. Resisting the allure of the water reflecting the light I decided, instead, to focus on the modern residential development that has recently sprung up in this area of Norwich. Here are some of the things that caught my eye... 

I am so glad I decided to make time to take notice of the city at twilight. As someone who is intellectually and instinctively drawn to appreciate all things ancient, it was quite challenging to engage with modernity in this way. Learning all the time from my fellow Eureka photographers, I am really enjoying developing my talents as part of a community. 

I am also struck by the lasting influence that our mentor, Tom Simpson, has had on my photography. He introduced two key elements to Eureka Wellbeing Photography: firstly, he expected excellence and challenged us to aspire; secondly, he encouraged us to use who we are to see things differently

As well as benefiting from putting all of the Five Ways to Wellbeing into action through Eureka photography walking, I think my/our wellbeing has been enhanced immensely by being empowered to become more actively creative. No surprise really. After all, a careful reading of the research in the field of wellbeing and emotional resilience confirms that improving one's sense of meaning is a key component of a flourishing person's 'success'. 

Thanks Tom!

~ Colin ~

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