Saturday, 30 January 2016

Winter Wellbeing Festival

Winter Wellbeing Festival, Attleborough: today, Eureka members were proud to be part of a fantastic celebration of wellbeing, creativity and community collaboration in South Norfolk. We did three wellbeing wonder wanders and spoke to loads of people about what we do. 

It was fantastic to be a part of this and was the first event we have ever been involved with as a group. If all goes well, we are going to use the rest of our 'We Can' funding to take the Eureka 'model' to Thetford. We've met with the amazing folk at Leaping Hare in the town and see kindred spirits there. It's going to be great to work with and connect with them and build together. Marvellous!

Eureka member David, going bananas.

Town Crier making announcements

Shelly Telly's adorable dog, Frank (Shelly is the person leading today's event). I got to walk Frank this morning - so cute!

Eureka member Alan, playing peek-a-boo in Attleborough Church, where we found wonder as we wandered. It is a beautiful, welcoming church and a credit to the town of Attleborough. Our thanks go to them for their open doors and warm welcome. 

Without a shadow of doubt, optimists have more luck and shine from within

What does wellbeing mean to you?
"A moment to reflect, a catch-up on what makes me (and the people I care about) happy."

What are the three words you would use to describe your experience of wellbeing walking with Eureka today?
"Light, serene, fascinating"

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