Friday, 6 February 2015


Ted Ellis Gallery Poems

These poems and photographs were inspired by the Ted Ellis natural history gallery in Norwich Castle Museum. Most of these dioramas were created by artists in the 1930s and they evoke the diversity of Norfolk's habitats. The poems are made by Colin, the photos by Carole (both Eureka members)...

Yare Valley Winter...
Tang of cold blown wood smoke
slow river's skin glinting
a shock of snow settled.
trees melting with
the damp hazed horizon

North Norfolk Coast...
A low rumble
of rolling waves and
sea bird squawks
muffled by dunes
and parched sand
blowing in whispers
smoothing pebbles and shells.
Against a blue ocean of sky
spectral shaped seagulls fly
swooping and sailing elliptically
in soars and falls

Fringe of evergreen
trees with bark
like an elephant's leg.
Weary-eyed nightjars wait
for dusk
amidst the arid leaves,
randomly discarded skulls
and unfolding fern fronds

Norfolk Loke...
I crave to step over
the stile and stride beyond
along the leafy lane
Past Cuckoo Pint
and Robin Redbreast
and sherds of Song Thrush smashed
snail shells

© Carole Fletcher & Colin Howey

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