Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A Tourist's View of Norwich

Here is the second post featuring photographs by Bailee, the American woman who joined Eureka during her recent visit to Norwich (see her first, HERE). Some lovely work here! 

© Bailee Kasallis 2014

If you are a tourist intending to visit Norwich and you would be interested in joining the Eureka members for a photographic exploration of the city, you can find out how to go about booking a place HERE

PS Hi Bailee, from all of the Eureka members. Hope things are good with you!


  1. Well done to our American lady a great set of photos and please come and find the club when you visit our loverly City again

    Thanks Nick

  2. Those are gorgeous photos! I love them! Norwich really has a lot to offer, especially with its period-inspired streets and architecture. The place also has a lot of good hotels you can stay in, should you decide to stay for a few days. :D

    Jeff Riley @ Happy Guests Lodge