Thursday, 27 March 2014

FAO Tourists Visiting Norwich

© Colin Howey - A Norwich City Church at Twilight

As regular visitors to our blog will be aware, we are offering places on Eureka photography walks to visitors to Norwich who wish to join with us to explore the city. We have been very fortunate to have our first such visitor join us for a couple of sessions recently. Her name is Bailee, and she is a young woman from Arizona in the USA. 

We asked if she could provide us with some testimony describing how she found 'the Eureka experience'. Here's what she said:

"I went to Norwich on my own personal vacation, and was so dazzled by my surroundings that I felt compelled to photograph anything interesting I saw. I happened to be taking pictures one friday morning at a park in Norwich, where the Eureka Wellbeing Photography members happened to also be taking pictures, and I was introduced to each of them, welcomed instantly into their group. I can’t convey how happy I was at receiving such a warm welcome from such an array of artists, all sharing a common passion. It was delightful to exchange stories and ideas and really connect with such a pleasant group. I can say dearly that, despite the brevity of my stay, I left Norwich with a good handful of new friendships that I intend to cherish for a long time!"

It was really lovely to meet Bailee and she is now a Eureka member - our second international member! 

If you are visiting Norwich and are interested in booking a photography walk with the Eureka members, please email Colin at 

Here is some further information about the Eureka walks:
Connect Eureka

Best Wishes,
Colin Howey (Eureka co-founder)

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  1. Bailee,

    We were delighted to meet you too. We love your photos - both, of Norwich AND of Arizona. You will always be welcome to join us and we're proud to have you as an international member of our group.