Friday, 7 October 2011

Eureka Exhibition Launch

Colin Howey, thanking Eureka Folk for sharing their work
At last, the day had come. After all of that walking and looking; that discovering and learning and laughing - at last, we were ready to share our exhibition with friends, family and invited guests at The Base. 

We had a room full of people and there was received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the exhibition. The recognition of the work of our Eureka group really meant a lot to everyone involved in the project. 

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The exhibition will be at The Base for a good while yet, so please do feel free to visit and see the work for yourself. 

Finally, we chose the name 'Eureka' because it means 'to look again'. We wanted people to notice the everyday things and appreciate the wonder which surrounds us. However, I think that, in terms of our wellbeing, this project has helped us, both, to connect with our surroundings and with new friends. It has also helped us to look again at our own capacities and capabilities. Working together, we have surprised ourselves - look at what we have achieved. 


~ Colin ~

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